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Thursday, July 28, 2016

bennett anthony fucks david benjamin hard

Bennett Anthony Fucks David Benjamin Hard in Silverlake Scene 2 at TITAN MEN

Mark Rollins (David Benjamin) has arrived back in his hometown of Los Angeles and his old neighborhood of Silverlake. Famous for its hills, valleys and 52 sets of staircases that connect them. Mark jogs up the famous Micheltorena Stairs, passing a hot, tattooed, red headed Bennett Anthony. The two share a quick moment that turns into a game of cat and mouse as Bennett leads Mark though the winding streets and narrow passageways until they arrive at Bennet’s apartment. “I love gingers” exclaims Mark as he buries his face in Bennet’s hairy ass. The tiny apartment is full of sweat, muscle and sexual energy that a quick fuck with a stranger you only just met. Bennett bends Mark over a folding chair and slides his dick into his waiting hole. A rough fuck is just what Mark needs and Bennett is more than willing to give it to him. Moving over to the army cot that serves as Bennet’s bed, Mark slides his hole down on that stiff fire crotch, bouncing up and down, dripping with sweat and showing off the ripped muscles on his legs, chest and back. Finally rolling Mark over onto his back, Bennett slides his dick deep into Mark’s hole and fucks him with that power you get just before you blow your load. David explodes with Bennet’s dick deep inside him and then Bennet whips his dick out, climbs up over Mark’s body and blows his load right into his open mouth. To be continued…

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Friday, July 22, 2016

xavi garcia and john rodriguez flip fuck

Xavi Garcia and John Rodriguez Flip Fuck in Casting Couch #353 at KRISTEN BJORN

John Rodriguez had a hard workout today and is left feeling very horny by the feel of his own bulging muscles, Xavi Garcia is in full agreement. John is so horny that he begins eating his way through Xavi’s underwear before Xavi’s unleashes his beast. Feverishly working Xavi’s cock in and out of his mouth, John is drooling all over Xavi’s smooth ball sac. Xavi takes matters into his own hands and drives his cock hard and deep into John’s throat. John’s cock is feeling the desire for some hot lips around it and commands Xavi to suck his cock. John equally takes Xavi’s head into his hands and drives his cock hard and deep into Xavi’s mouth. John demands that Xavi pleasure his balls with his hot tongue and Xavi delivers with some hot cock sucking, ball eating pleasure. John then spreads Xavi’s furry hole open and penetrates it deep with his raw cock. John fucks Xavi hard with his rapid fire rhythm, before he pulls out and teases his hole with just the head of his cock. John plunges his cock deep once again but cannot resist the pleasures of that hot furry hole and blows his creamy load all over its exterior and deep within. Xavi wants a piece of that smooth hole of John’s and rams his raw cock deep within as John’s cock is still dripping with cum. Xavi fucks John’s ass as hard, deep and fast as he can before he explodes a huge load of cum that showers his ass and coats the interior smoothly.

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hunter marx and max sargent fuck officer dirk caber

Hunter Marx and Max Sargent Fuck Officer Dirk Caber in Package Scene 3 at TITAN MEN

On the deck, Max Sargent feasts on Hunter Marx’s steel rod, breathing heavy from excitement as spit slides down the shaft. Max stands and feeds Hunter, who snaps his own dick up as he sucks. Officer Dirk Caber stumbles upon the scene and ushers them inside. “Down on your knees,” he tells Max, making him suck Hunter. Dirk works up the bulge in his pants, a wet spot seeping through as he tastes the precum off his finger. Dirk whips his cock out and feeds Max, who sucks the studs back and forth as they kiss above him. Dirk feeds his precum to Hunter, who soon drops down to suck alongside Max. Dirk then sucks them both, repeatedly snapping up both of their boners at the same time: “Fuck yeah!” The three kiss as their dicks poke each other, Dirk then eating Hunter before fucking him. “Back to me! Fuck my cock!” yells Dirk as Hunter slides back on it. Max sits on Hunter as Dirk stuffs Hunter’s mouth. Hunter rams Dirk’s hole (“I love that! Fucking feeling you, every inch!”), the bottom soon covered in all three of their loads.

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