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Friday, June 24, 2016

max sargent fucks eric nero deep

Max Sargent Fucks Eric Nero Deep in Blueprint Scene 4 at TITAN MEN

Big Load Cement Company wants a job with Big D, who’s impressed with Max Sargent’s firm handshake. “Years of handling big cement pipe,” smiles Max, rubbing his bulge. Eric opens wide to engulf Max’s thick slab, his nose tickling the muscle dad’s pubes: “Slide your mouth all the way down!” Max licks his lips and swallows Eric’s meat, begging him to fuck his face. Eric’s eyes roll up as he gets eaten and fucked, the bottom backing all the way down as he slams Max’s bush. Eric sits on it, his meat frantically flopping. Max licks Eric’s pit, then reaches around to stroke the bottom. Eric gets on his back (“Hammer my ass!”), his big balls soon coated in cum.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

chris bines and bruce beckham flip fuck

Chris Bines and Bruce Beckham Flip Fuck in Cruising Grounds at HOT HOUSE

Officer Bruce Beckham patrols the warehouse after dark, looking to catch trespassing cruisers in the act. Bruce comes across Chris Bines; suspecting that Chris is looking for sex, Bruce threatens him with a 'stiff sentence.' To avoid another mark on his record, Chris asks if they can work something out. 'Get down on your knees,' says Bruce, and Chris knows what to do. Opening Bruce's fly, Chris wraps his lips around Bruce's thick, meaty cock. Saliva drips as Chris chokes down on Bruce's huge endowment. Bending Chris over, Bruce spreads Chris' cheeks and plants his face deep into the hairy crack. Spitting on Chris' hole, Bruce laps at it and prepares to get what he wants: his entire throbbing shaft inside Chris' ass. With powerful thrusts, Bruce gives Chris a major pounding. But Bruce wants more than just a fuck; he wants cock in his ass too. Raising his legs in the air, Bruce gives up his hole to Chris' giant cock. Bruce's muscled body ripples as Chris pummels his hole. Chris then lays on his back for Bruce to hop on for a cowboy-style ride, and Bruce's hole stretches with the friction of Chris' thrusting. As he rides Chris' cock, Bruce jerks out a massive white load, spilling it all over Chris' chest. Standing upright, Chris finishes himself off by blasting his cum onto Bruce's big, muscled chest.

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hans berlin fucks alex mason raw

Hans Berlin Fucks Alex Mason Raw at BAREBACK CUM PIGS

Alex Mason looks cute and sexy wearing his baseball cap and scruff in this scene with hunk Hans Berlin. Ever the hungry cocksucker, Alex is soon on his knees, devouring Hans’ huge uncut cock. Alex pays a lot of attention to the head, nibbling on foreskin and milking Hans of pre-cum before Hans returns the oral favor. But the hung top wants ass and quickly turns Alex around and bends him over the side of the bed. Hans makes a meal out of that sweet fuck hole, slobbering all over that hairy hole like it’s a juicy morsel that needs to be savored. And judging by the groans Alex makes, Hans is obviously good at his job of rimming. Between tongue and thumb, Hans primes Alex then slides that curved thick slab home. Hans truly knows how to fuck a bareback bottom whore, screwing nice and slow, teasing the puckered opening, then pounding away, fast and furious. When Hans pulls out, Alex gets to taste his own ass juices as he feeds on the huge piece of meat with some ass-to-mouth cocksucking before Hans goes back to doing what he does best…turning a tight hole into a sloppy, cummy mess!

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