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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

hot bodybuilder alex graham works his big thick meat

Super hot bodybuilder Alex Graham works his big thick meat at HARD BRIT LADS

Prepare for a BIG treat. Super hot, handsome bodybuilder Alex Graham flexes his muscles and works his big thick meat for us in this sensational solo. Starting off in his shiny sports kit, Alex strokes and squeezes his crotch, then takes off his top to reveal his awesome physique. Huge muscles and very ripped, with massive biceps, great big pecs and a bulging six pack. Playing with his big nipples and working on his bulge, he gets a solid stiffie in his shorts, showing it off to the camera before taking them off. Alex has the biggest, most muscular legs I’ve ever seen. With his hard dick bulging inside his white briefs, Alex flexes his biceps for us, gives us some very hot bulge groping action, then takes out his dick. It’s big, thick and meaty, and rock hard. He plays with it slowly, giving sexy looks to camera, rubs in some lube, stroking it and showing it off to us. He gives us some very hot hands free action too, playing with his nipples as his cock continues throbbing. Moving to the sofa, he rubs in more lube, and gets into a good rhythm as he works on his dick, giving us plenty of hot jerk off action, gradually building up . His muscles tighten, his huge biceps and pecs bulge harder than ever. He continues working his big meat till the spunk start pumping out, thick and white, all over his sweaty six pack, with more jizz dripping down over his fingers. Alex squeezes out every last drop as he gives a final sexy look to camera. UNMISSABLE!

AlexGraham_solo_0022 AlexGraham_solo_0042 AlexGraham_solo_0063 AlexGraham_solo_0118 AlexGraham_solo_0131 AlexGraham_solo_0184 AlexGraham_solo_0193 AlexGraham_solo_0203 AlexGraham_solo_0216 AlexGraham_solo_0233 hot bodybuilder Alex Graham works his big thick meat 0256 AlexGraham_solo_0291 AlexGraham_solo_0312 AlexGraham_solo_0328 AlexGraham_solo_0367 AlexGraham_solo_0492 hot bodybuilder Alex Graham works his big thick meat 0500 AlexGraham_solo_0530 AlexGraham_solo_0575 AlexGraham_solo_0633 AlexGraham_solo_0635

letterio barebacks toffic

Letterio Barebacks Toffic at BUTCH DIXON

You saw Letterio takes his first load in our ‘first time barebackers’ series now its his turn to squirt a colossal load up Toffic’s hungry, hungry hole. Toffic is a true anal obsessive, he loves toys, big, uncut cocks, and cum, as much cum as he can physically hold. And his party trick? Taking a juicy creamy load up his fuck hole, turning upside down and squirting it back out again so he can feel that raw, sticky cum running out of him. Piggy? OH YES! These passionate, hairy guys fuck up a steamy, spunky storm.

Letterio-Toffic0 Letterio-Toffic1 Letterio-Toffic2 Letterio-Toffic3 Letterio Barebacks Toffic 5 Letterio-Toffic6 Letterio-Toffic7 Letterio Barebacks Toffic 8