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Thursday, April 28, 2016

jay johnson fucks vittorio naxos hard

Jay Johnson Fucks Vittorio Naxos Hard in "The Devil Is In The Details" at ICON MALE

Adam recognizes the hard work and progress Andy has been making since he began employment at the firm. Feeling that he is ready to move on to the next step, he invites Andy over to his place. But, without telling him what he can expect of the evening, and without any further instruction, Adam leaves.Back home, Andy is just about ready to meet up with his boss when he sees his wife looking a little upset. When he asks her to explain she breaks down, ranting about how things haven't been the same since he started working at that firm. After more arguing, Andy's wife storms out in tears.Later that night, Andy and his boss have a drink as they discuss Andy's future with the firm. Pleased with how things have been going, Adam brings Andy into the living room, where he is asked to watch the events unfold. Andy sits quietly watching two fallen angels, Vittorio Naxos and Jay Johnson, as they kiss each other deeply. Jay goes down on Vittorio, sucking on his cock. He moves his head back and forth as he strokes his own dick while he's sucking. Vittorio gets his own turn, pushing Jay onto his back and sucking on his big dick. Kissing further, they rub their bare skin against each other.Jay lays down again, and Vittorio climbs over him, sitting on top of his long cut dick. He bounces up and down until Jay decides to take matters into his own hands. Placing Vittorio on his back, he lifts his legs up and thrusts his cock back in his hole. He repeatedly slams his fallen angel fuck stick in and out of him, banging against his ass cheeks. Vittorio continues to take a rough fuck from Jay in many different positions, before laying down side by side. They jerk off, until they send their loads spraying onto each other.

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tex davidson gives damien michaels his huge barber pole

Tex Davidson gives Damien Michaels his huge barber pole at TITAN MEN

An afternoon haircut and beard trim turns into some heavy action for these two edgy, scruffy men. Damien, the tattooed, ginger barber finishes work on the ruggedly handsome Tex and decides to get to work on Tex’s big, thick, hard dick. Getting to his knees at the foot of the barber’s chair, Damien sucks Tex to the hilt. Gasping for air, choking on its thickness. Damien keeps Tex on the edge, moaning for more. Tex stands him up and pulls Damien’s hard dick from his pants to suck it before turning him around, bending him over the chair and fucking him right there. Damien’s hole stretches to fit Tex’s girth. It’s a tight fit but Damien takes it like a boss, all the way in. Wanting to pound it out a bit more, Tex moves Damien to a nearby window bench and, in full view of the neighbors, sits Damien down on his dick for another round of pounding. Back to the chair, this time with Damien with both his legs in the air, getting his hole pounded as he grunts and shouts for more. The thickness and full 9” of Tex’s dick gets buried deep in Damien’s hole until neither can take any more and both blow big loads all over Damien’s hairy abs. All in a day’s work at the Barber Shop.

brd1_action_TexDamien_0329 brd1_action_TexDamien_0335 brd1_action_TexDamien_0362 brd1_action_TexDamien_0363 brd1_action_TexDamien_0387 Tex Davidson gives Damien Michaels his huge barber pole 0397 Tex Davidson gives Damien Michaels his huge barber pole 0426 brd1_action_TexDamien_0458


jimmy slater drills derek parker

Jimmy Slater Drills Derek Parker in "Big Dick Negotiations" at EXTRA BIG DICKS

Derek has been taking his sweet time fixing Jimmy's car but there is a really good reason for it. Once Jimmy shows up at the auto shop he confronts Derek and wants to know when he will be done with his ride. Derek doesn't see it being completed for another week or so and that doesn't sit well with Jimmy. He is tired of riding the bus and explains to Derek that he must know of a way to get it done quicker. Derek does know a way and begins to tell Jimmy that if he wants his car in the next day or two he's going to have to show him his big cock. Jimmy whips it right out and Derek wraps his mouth around it quick licking, sucking and stroking his long shaft. Derek has a big round ass which Jimmy has to taste. He gets on his knees while Derek has one leg up on the front of the car and Jimmy starts to tongue that sexy hole of his. He can't get enough of that nice firm tasty ass as he grabs it and sucks on his hole while stroking his dick as well. Finally Derek gets what he really wanted and that was Jimmy's sexy dick deep inside him pounding his insides until it made him cum all over himself. Once Jimmy sees all that cum he pulls out his fat dick and blasts a long stream hitting Derek in the face. Derek loves cum all over his face and they share it together. Enjoy!

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

michael lucas barebacks james castle

Michael Lucas Barebacks James Castle at LUCAS ENTERTAINMENT

James Castle has wanted to be in a scene with Michael Lucas since the first time he filmed for Lucas Entertainment. While in Greece James and Michael share an encounter where James goes all bottom to suck Michael’s cock, get his hole eating out, and then take all ten inches of Michael’s uncut cock!

LVP235_04_Michael_Lucas_James_Castle_01 LVP235_04_Michael_Lucas_James_Castle_02 LVP235_04_Michael_Lucas_James_Castle_03 Michael Lucas Barebacks James Castle 04 LVP235_04_Michael_Lucas_James_Castle_05 Michael Lucas Barebacks James Castle 06 LVP235_04_Michael_Lucas_James_Castle_07 LVP235_04_Michael_Lucas_James_Castle_08


alex mecum fucks chris harder

Alex Mecum Fucks Chris Harder in Married Men Part 3 at MENDOTCOM

Chris Harder has a hot and married client he's been showing properties to. It took some time but Alex Mecum eventually falls for new digs as well as his agent's sweet ass. Alex drills Chris nice and hard before blowing his huge load all over his sexy face.

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