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Monday, November 30, 2015

rocco steele drills donnie dean

Rocco Steele Drills Donnie Dean at BAREBACK THAT HOLE

You know that you have arrived in bareback porn and that you’re a true raw bottom when you pass the ultimate test of being fucked and filled by Rocco Steele’s massive 10x7 cock. He’s a sexy beast and an awesome top that everyone wants to ride and this time Donnie Dean gets his chance. This scene just sizzles from the get go as Donnie wastes little time and gets right down to business. He climbs onto Rocco’s thick shaft as his ass opens up and swallows his cock whole. Donnie rides his pole like there’s no tomorrow as Rocco drills and pumps his bare ass. He fucks Donnie deep and hard leaving him gasping and breathless. Cum spews all over as they both shoot their wads and bust their nuts when this scene comes to a blissful end. This definitely is another winner of a scene to add to your list of Rocco Steele favorites.

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sexy daddies mitch and josh bareback

Sexy Daddies Mitch and Josh Bareback at HOT OLDER MALE

Real Couple Mitch and Josh are two sexy daddies who met in New Orleans and have kept that festive city's vibe alive in their bedroom. Watch as these two hot men talk about their relationship and then fuck bareback for the cameras. So hot and so real.

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tegan breeds bjorn

Tegan Breeds Bjorn at CHAOS MEN

I love it when I can get two guys together that play on the same team and are totally into each other! Although the two didn't order each other from the ChaosMen menu, when I asked each of them if they were down to fuck, I got a resounding "Yes!" from both. The two start off a bit more sensual and romantic and it is great to see them just go for it with each other. Tegan gets into his bossy daddy vibe while Bjorn is his natural passive bottom boy. Lots of great kissing too! Tegan's cock is hard and ready for Bjorn is eager to suck it. Bjorn plays with it a bit, but Tegan gets his ass in the air so he can lick and finger his tight hole. Bjorn is ready to get fucked, but Tegan makes him service his cock first. Tegan fucks his face and then they 69 so that he can get Bjorn's cock hard. Tegan has one track mind and get Bjorn in the perfect position to fuck him. He slides his cock in with little effort, and the hard core fucking begins! Tegan totally has his way with Bjorn, who is the consummate bottom boy! He breeds his hole with an amazing amount of cum splatter. He crawls on top of Bjorn to clean his cock, and Bjorn blows a huge load while nursing on his cock!

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