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Thursday, October 23, 2014

rocky j jerks off

Rocky J Jerks off at BUTCH DIXON

Hot hairy and beefy hunk Rocky J Jerks off in his first gay porn scene at Butch Dixon

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rocky j jerks off

marko lebeau fucks muscle guy emilio calabria

Marko Lebeau fucks muscle guy Emilio Calabria in “Riding The Boss” at MEN OF MONTREAL

Marko Lebeau has been spending a lot of his time working behind the scenes and behind the camera of late, so he hasn’t been performing for a few months. His schedule has been quite busy as Men of Montréal is launching a line of briefs, jocks, boxer-briefs and Ts.But ever since Emilio has come on the stage, Marko has wanted to take this hot Italian Stud to the movies… huh… rather doing a movie with him… So Marko felt this was the perfect candidate for his return to acting. I guess these are the privileges of being the site’s boss!Emilio is quite an engaging kinda guy. And, Félix Brazeau move over! Emilio is shaping up to become a new power bottom at Men of Montréal. So, in this scene, Marko has his way with Emilio, who definitely appears to enjoy getting fucked thoroughly. Hang on to your jeans as Emilio rides again!

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