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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

hung hunk lawson kane fucks shawn wolfe

Hung Hunk Lawson Kane fucks Shawn Wolfe in What I Want at RAGING STALLION

Lawson Kane, with his bulging pecs and giant uncut cock, is an embodiment of masculinity. With a bar through one nipple, a tat above the other, and a beard accenting his self-assured face, one look at Lawson lets you know that he can satisfy any craving. Hairy, eager Shawn Wolfe wastes no time, playing with Lawson’s nipples as their lips connect with explosive sexuality. Lawson’s hands are also all over Shawn: one stroking his furry chest, the other pleasuring his ass. Shawn deep-throats Lawson with primal intensity before giving him an equally enthusiastic rim job. Then, Lawson plunges deep into Shawn’s hole with a single sudden thrust, eliciting moans of pleasure as he continues with long strokes in and out. Shawn reaches back to open himself wider, and Lawson encourages Shawn by smacking his ass. Rolling over, Shawn lies spread-eagled for an even deeper fucking. Lawson hits the sweet spot again and again, and Shawn shoots all over his furry abs and chest. Lawson pulls his cock out, kisses Shawn wildly, and shoots his load across the room in a fantastic climax.

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adam dacre fucks aaron steel

Adam Dacre fucks Aaron Steel at ALPHA MALES

Day jobs can be so boring. Imagine the surprise when site foreman Adam Dacre, enters an office to find sexy officer worker Aaron Steel on all fours, arse exposed and tied to a sofa. Begging him to untie him, Adam can’t help but take full advantage of his play mate! Getting on his knees Adam devours Aaron’s ass, getting his hole nice and wet ready for a fucking! With only Spit as lube the bound playmate can do little but submit

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