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Friday, August 1, 2014

connor fucks his hot gardener brenner bolton

Connor fucks his hot gardener Brenner Bolton in “Gardener’s Prick” at NEXT DOOR BUDDIES

As groundskeeper, Brenner Bolton has some talented hands. Raking and trimming on a hot summer day, Brenner loses his shirt as a secret admirer watches from the house. Making his way out to the garden, Connor keeps his eyes locked on an unsuspecting Brenner, until Brenner makes him lurking in the bushes. Brenner is startled and accidentally pricks his finger on a thorn. As his finger stings, Connor springs into action, soothing Brenner’s wound and sucking his finger clean. With one look, Brenner and Connor are on the ground making out, then moving over to a patio table, Connor strips Brenner of his clothes and begins to work on another prick, this one slightly larger and ready to shoot. Connor gags on Brenner’s cock before turning him over and eating him out, moistening Brenner up for Connor to slide in from behind. Doing so, Brenner clutches the side of the table as Connor begins to pound from behind, before they switch, and Brenner mounts Connor, riding him reverse as he strokes his own cock, cumming all over Connor before Connor returns the favor, shooting his load and wondering why he doesn’t do this with the help more often. Enjoy!

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rafael alencar fucks marcus isaacs

Rafael Alencar Fucks Marcus Isaacs in The Pack Episode 3: Lucky Night At The Bloc at NAKED SWORD

Leo Forte invited Cam Cristou to a private event at New York’s Eastern Bloc bar — for an initiation. But in the third scene from NakedSword’s The Pack, Cam learns that desire isn’t destiny. Arriving at the bar, Cam sees hung Adonis Rafael Alencar dancing seductively. But his initiation? Cleaning up the mess — after Rafael fucks Marcus Isaacs. And fuck him Rafael does, splaying the furry bottom with his enormous cock, and drenching him in a shower of cum. Will Cam ever get his chance to become part of “The Pack”?

NSV025_ThePack_RafaelAlencar_MarcusIsaacs_01 NSV025_ThePack_RafaelAlencar_MarcusIsaacs_02 NSV025_ThePack_RafaelAlencar_MarcusIsaacs_03 NSV025_ThePack_RafaelAlencar_MarcusIsaacs_affilHorz_1 NSV025_ThePack_RafaelAlencar_MarcusIsaacs_affilHorz_2 NSV025_ThePack_RafaelAlencar_MarcusIsaacs_affilHorz_3 NSV025_ThePack_RafaelAlencar_MarcusIsaacs_affilHorz_4 NSV025_ThePack_RafaelAlencar_MarcusIsaacs_affilHorz_5 NSV025_ThePack_RafaelAlencar_MarcusIsaacs_affilHorz_6 NSV025_ThePack_RafaelAlencar_MarcusIsaacs_affilHorz_7 Rafael Alencar Fucks Marcus Isaacs NSV025_ThePack_RafaelAlencar_MarcusIsaacs_affilHorz_9 Rafael Alencar Fucks Marcus Isaacs NSV025_ThePack_RafaelAlencar_MarcusIsaacs_affilHorz_11