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Saturday, February 13, 2016

ex soldier david james jerks off

Ex Soldier David James Jerks Off and Takes a Glass Butt Plug Into His Arse at BUTCH DIXON

The first big crush of the year, WOW, this guy is so effortlessly sexy, his first time - David James ex straight guy, ex soldier ( with some very sexy stories), dark, tanned, muscular, hairy, untrimmed, a very willing top and a very willing bottom, with a thick, stiff cock and a willing, cock and cum luving hole, this boy is a one-stop-shop of sexiness. Can't wait to get him back and get him fucked good n proper. David gives us a tour of his deliciously, grabbable and likeable body, from his tattoos, to his big feet, via that thick gristle dick and hot, willing hole, then he slides a glass butt plug into his arse hole and we get the most intimate glimpse he can offer us! Then while his hot hole is still held open he wanks out a crazy load all over that hard, dark, toned belly. OH YUM, meet him and fall a little bit in luv!

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gabriel lunna and alberto esposito fuck hans berlin

Gabriel Lunna and Alberto Esposito Fuck Hans Berlin in Meat Men: Ride Me at KRISTEN BJORN

Gabriel and Alberto head out to the balcony and spot the man they invited over online, Hans. Upon entering the couple’s apartment the men promptly begin kissing each other seductively and stripping away each other’s clothes. The men take to the sofa and Hans comes from the back of the sofa to taste the delights of both men’s hefty, uncut cocks. Hans works his way back and forth from hairy, masculine cock to the smooth muscled cock, making sure each cock stretches his throat open. Being flipped onto his back, Hans’ cock and hot, pink hole are worked over by Gabriel and Alberto. Hans is now flipped onto all 4’s and Alberto gets the pleasure of being the first to plunge his raw cock deep inside of that wet ass. Switching it up again, Hans finds himself on his back while Alberto continues to pound his hot ass and Gabriel feeds him his meaty cock. Flipped upside down, Hans sees Gabriel’s throbbing cock forcing it’s way deep inside of him as Gabriel sucks on Alberto’s huge cock. Alberto can hold back no longer and showers his load of cum all over Gabriel’s cock as he continues fucking Hans. Gabriel is so enthralled with all the pleasure that he shoots his thick, creamy load all over Hans’ pink, throbbing ass. Not to let any of that cum go to waste, Gabriel pushes it all inside of Hans’ hot ass with his fingers, which drives Hans crazy with pleasure and causes him to blow his huge load. Happy Hunting!

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aj alexander and kaleb flip flop fuck

AJ Alexander and Kaleb Flip Flop Fuck at UK NAKED MEN

Some guys like little hard buns, but I like my arses BEEFY and new, sexy Arabic lad Kaleb has got the beef, Aj couldn't wait to get his hands on (and tongue into) those meaty slabs of beefy buns. Our boys are playing with their game boys but when you've got two, hung, oversexed and very 'game' - boys in one room how long can digital be fun?! Aj strips of chunky, sexy Kaleb and dives into those hairy cheeks, shaved around the hole for an extra smooth, wet licking, Kaleb moans with pleasure as his spit-wet hole opens to Aj's probing tongue. With two rock hard cocks in the room who's gonna get it first, Kaleb's big legs are up and he's ready for some uncut dick, Aj slides that thick, uncircumcised meat into Kaleb's wet hole skewing all the way in right up to his heavy bollocks. He rides that meaty hole until he's about to cum then pulls his dripping dick out of Kaleb and pushes the big lad back to manoeuvre himself onto Kaleb's thick dick. AJ takes it as hard as he gives it and rides the thick, veiny pole like a proper Scottish cock-slut until Kaleb can hold back his thick, gooey load no longer!

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