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Sunday, October 23, 2016

jon shield fucks hugh hunter raw

Jon Shield Fucks Hugh Hunter Raw at BAREBACK CUM PIGS

In an industry full of “fuck yeah,” none are hotter or yell it out harder than Jon Shield and Hugh Hunter in this balls deep fuck scene from Bareback Cum Pigs. Bearded and tattooed hipster Jon shows cock-hungry daddy Hugh that versatile bottoms can make excellent tops! After some brief kissing, the two quickly move on to some nipple play, chewing and tweaking each other to full erection before Jon devours Hugh’s deliciously fat and juicy cock. But Jon soon rims Hugh, sliming the tattooed smooth and muscled daddy full of spit, getting him ready for that raw dick. Jon gives Hugh quite the pounding before the sexy bottom daddy rides Jon like a bitch in heat, fucking himself, riding the hipster’s cock for all he’s worth. As if possessed by demons, Hugh’s lust is all-consuming as they build to a sweaty climax. Hugh begs for Jon to breed him, which he does, pushing Hugh over the edge to spray his own load all over his hairy belly.

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colby keller and hector de silva flip fuck

Colby Keller and Hector De Silva Flip Fuck in Kindred at MENDOTCOM

Colby Keller finds his perfect sexual match in Hector de Silva. After spending some time passionately tongue-swapping, Hector takes Colby’s beautiful cock in his mouth and preps it for the plunge. Colby returns the favor before rimming and entering Hector’s man-hole. The boys then flip positions, and Colby has the pleasure of Hector’s cock pumping inside him.

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hot newcomer bulrog fucks logan moore hard

Hot Newcomer Bulrog Fucks Logan Moore Hard in “Brazen” for MEN AT PLAY

Sexy and hairy newcomer Bulrog makes his porn debut in Men At Play‘s latest video – titled “Brazen” – that also stars Logan Moore! Logan gets on his knees and suck his scene partner’s big cock before he bends over and takes every inch of Bulrod’s thick meat.

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